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Wetspray Insulation for remodels & new construction.

House Insulation House Insulation
Above: fabric used as backing

Insulation Installation Insulation Installation

Below: Wet Sprayed Walls and Ceiling
House Insulation

Wet-Spray insulation installation technique is used for new construction and remodel applications (when wall cavities do not have sheet rock on at least one side). We mix cellulose with glue adhesive which creates a slightly higher R-value than loose fill cellulose applications. Special equipment is used to spray on the insulation. Cellulose is class 1 fire rated and has less settling in a wet spray application.

wetspray arvada
Above: Ceiling Fiber

Sheetrock crews may install ceiling sheetrock before or after insulation is blown in the attic if the crew has accessible attic space. A thin fabric material is stabled to the stud before we install blown loose fill insulation unless sheetrock is already present. Sheetrock can be installed over this material.

Customer Preparation for Walls:

Refrain from covering wetspray cellulose with vapor barrier unless walls are completely dry. Drying process may take several days. Large drying fans are available upon customer request.