Scientific consensus exists that global warming is occuring.

Home Building Insulation

Buildings including the gas/electricity energy required to run these buildings are a large part of this problem.

Energy efficiency in the home is a solution that must be sought in combination with other green practices to help limit carbon dioxide production.

Homes and other buildings cause roughly 15 -45 percent of the carbon dioxide emmission problem when requiring an energy source.

The whole house works together as a system.

Duct leaks, insulation density and air leakage contribute strongly to a home's energy performance due to air leaks. lights, appliances furnace, boilers and hot water heaters can significantly affect the home as well.

View NOVA Extreme Ice video

See the Mckinsey Report detailing energy efficiency solutions to help reduce climate change. Read the executive summary for an overview. This is a great sociological study for barriers to energy efficiency.

View easy to read effects of climate change brochure-map here.

See Global Climate Data at a glance national oceanic and atmospheric research (NOAA). NOAA is located here in Colorado. More Info Here

Government released report on global climate change impacts on US.

WARNING COLORADO: Be careful of potential environmental catastrophie: gas drilling in your area.

New York Times Article Your water may have natural gas in it if you are near or downstream from drilling. Please have your gas tested. There may be over 400 different chemicals added to the water used for gas. Insulation will not stop the problem but can help reduce the demand for natural gas. See weld county viewed in this video. Also, Garfield County is known another area that needs to be cautious. This section of the video was taken at Weld County, CO. But there is more good footage from this video on CO.