Bestway has partnered with local energy experts to help educate you!

You may request an energy efficient speaker for events with a minimum of 10 people attending.
Some lectures are free. Contact to find out more info.

Paul Krieshner - Lightly Treading

Paul Krishner has been an expert in the energy field for many years with expertise in new and existing energy retrofits. He is a foremost leader in the field and has been seen on various television news shows for his expertise in the industry. 10 or more people required for a speech. Contact him to find out more info.

Debbie Weingardt - Bestway Insulation, Debbie owns and manages Bestway Insulation. She has pushed forward the thinking for ways to insulate homes more energy efficiently. Her expertise is retrofit insulation from a common sense approach. She has worked with multifamily and other organizations to help them understand proper retrofit insulation techniques.