Fred ...
Golden, CO
January 16, 2009

Bestway Insulation
3951 Creek Drive
Broomfield, CO 80020

To Whom It May Consern:

For some time we've had an issue with our home.... an apparent leaking of cold attic air into the chase surrounding the fireplace/bookcase area and into some interior walls. The thermostat is located on one of the affected walls. It was an ongoing problem trying to regulate the heat during the strong winds we have in Golden and keep the house comfortable.

I called your office and spoke with James who was very helpful and set up a time for Stacy to inspect our home and provide an estimate. Stacy was very professional and she immediately recognized the problem and knew what would be necessary to correct it. There was no access to the problem attic, an entry would later need to be cut so some speculation was required. While she was here, she adeptly crawled into one of our attics to inspect the existing insulation and suggested we add more using cellulose instead of fiberglass.

I wasn't familiar with cellulose so Stacy referred me to Ken with some of my questions. Ken was very patient and helpful in dealing with my concerns. After speaking with Ken, I decided to proceed with your company and use cellulose.

Then Mike, Craig and Josh came and we couldn't have been more pleased with them, their work, and the results. Before the day was over, I was turning down the gas on our fireplace and reducing the fan speed. The temperature was 78 and climbing.

The next morning the furnace didn't start. Irolled out of bed to see what the problem was. As I walked by the thrmostat, I noticed the residual temperature in the room wasn't low enough to start the furnace. That was a new experience.

My wife and I wish to express our thanks for your excellent service and workmanship.


Fred ...













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