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November 2007


Dear Adam and James,


Thanks so much for participating in the training we delivered for Colorado Home Performance with Energy Star. Each of the 35 participants in that training had different skills when the training began. But nobody understood home insulation like your crewmembers, and everybody there learned a lot from you.


The retrofit job we did in Boulder was a good example of what a good insulation crew can do with an existing home:

  • The 2x4 walls had been insulated originally with 3 fiberglass batts. They had an effective R-value of approximately R-9.
  • Our blower door tests showed air leakage of about 1700 cubic feet per minute at 50 pascals (1700 CFM50).
  • The infrared camera scan showed that the wall insulation was full of gaps.


Your crew showed how it is possible to tube-fill these already-insulated walls with cellulose and improve their performance. We added almost 30 bags to those walls, increasing the R-value and decreasing the air leakage:


  • The 2x4 walls had a final R-value of approximately R-13.
  • The air leakage measured by the blower door dropped approximately 300 CFM50, down to 1400 CFM50.
  • The infrared camera showed that you achieved almost complete coverage with the cellulose there were none of the gaps that we typically see with fiberglass batts.


We have known for years how effective these retrofit wall insulation jobs can be. But we dont see many contractors who understand how to get the job done. A lot of contractors talk about doing home performance work. Your company is already doing the best work possible on every job. I applaud your commitment to excellence.


Best regards,




Chris Dorsi

Vice president Saturn Resource Management