Cellulose is a recycled newspaper product treated with boron or amonium sulfate. The boron version is a non-toxic substance commonly used as a laundry cleaner. Boron can be dusty during installation. This product is available by request.

Cellulose and other insulations can save resources in several ways.

  1. Recycled materials prevents waste from entering landfills (reducing the amount of methane created from anaerobic breakdown of materials).
  2. The recycling process of cellulose produces less energy than most other insulation materials.
  3. Insulation can save energy from leaking outside the home when installed to limit air movement and direct heat transfer.

Fiberglass can save energy when an air barrier is installed. It is made up partially of recycled glass bottles. The more glass that is recycled by you, the higher the content of recycled glass that is available from the product.

Foam is highly effective at limiting heat loss. Being green may come down to priorities. The threat of production of CO2 in some circles is considered a more immediate threat than production of polystrene foam. Polystrene, one type of foam, will be around forever once created. Installing foam is far superior at stopping heat loss and limiting CO2 production than other insulations. However difficult to recycle in Colorado, polystrene, one type of foam product, will never break down and (therefore must be recycled if no longer needed). Foam can be beneficial in reducing air movement in accesable areas of the home. In Colorado, foam is not used in walls with existing sheetrock unless the sheetrock is taken down due to the foam's expansion rate. Sheetrock may pop off .

Cellulose is a close second to stopping air movement by being dense packed when possible and installed with foam or some an air barrier material where possible. Bestway Insulation installs foam for smaller applications. An associate company of ours (Colorado Energy Savers) offers foam insulation and expert installation. We install foam for many air sealing applications in the crawlspace and attic.

Other green materials we offer are cotton or blue jean batts by request.

Straw bale homes, and mushroom insulation are green insulation products not installed by Bestway Insulation. These are interesting products however.

Call to see if sheepwool is available.