We are a local company that specialies in Re-insulating Existing Homes by using Blow-in Insulation.

Insulation Installation

Energy Makeover Contest Winner from 2006.

This 1986 home located in Centennial CO.

Bestway Insulation insulated the Attic, Garage Ceiling, Cathedral Ceiling, Walls with previous Batted insulation installed (SEE testimony of same technique used on a similar house), Knee walls, Garage Walls, Basement Perimeter, and Rim Joice. Adam, the older son, additionally patched and painted the wood holes through the Patching and Painting service.

Walls which initially contained a thin fiberglass batt were re-insulated with additional insulation and saved $150.00 Yr. alone at 2006 gas and electrical prices. 1000 + square foot home plus significantly improved the effectiveness of high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment. The regular 2X4 wall was brought from an R-4 to an R-13.8 to stop air penetration in our dense pack method.

See the linked 2006 Makeover article that was featured in Smart Energy Living magazine

The required R-Value for an attic in this area is an R-38.

Higher levels are recommended.

The govenor's energy office & Department of Energy recommends an R-49.

Look in your energy bill for information on this years’ Energy Makeover House!