Boulder Makeover house 2007

Tremendous Savings- Leakiest House in Colorado

Before becoming insulated and air sealed

View an article or slide for the home that showcased at the 13th Annual Tour of Boulder County Solar & Green Homes.

Average overall (heat & electrical) winter savings is 53% for entire improvements from the team of sponsoring companies.

This home started with a high 3.56 Natural Air Changes per Hour (NACH) and ended with 0.90 NACH after addition of Insulation, Air Sealing from Bestway Insulation, work from Big Horn Builders and new windows by Accent.

House Insulation

Building Insulation    Building Insulation

Home and House Building Insulation


House Insulation   House Insulation

Foamed Basement brick walls

See thermal data for improvements on house available at .

Results are promising! *Typical results may very. This home started with an a high air leakage number.