Garage Ceilings & Garage Walls

Garage Ceiling

Blown Cavity Fill

Garage Ceilings can be a major source for airflow when positioned under bedrooms. Insulating garage ceilings may have other possible benefits*; lessening garage toxins from entering home.

Rooms above the garage should have a reliable CO alarm prior or after insulating/sealing the garage. A recommended model is the CO Experts Model

Our methods allow full cavity to be filled. Wooden plugs are hammered into the holes and one layer of patch is used.

Garage Ceiling

Garage Walls

(Tube fill and Regular Fill).

Blown Cavity Fill

Garage walls bordering with heated areas are important to insulate. A 2 ?? or a 1" hole is drilled in each cavity along the garage wall. Holes are plugged and one layer of patch is used.

Walls with older fiberglass batts can be re-insulated to help save money.

See a testimony of re-insulated walls.

Customer Preparation for Garage Ceilings:

Customer Preparation for Garage Walls: