Energy Transfer

  1. Conduction, convection, & radiation are 3 major basic types of energy transfer. Insulation may significantly improve the maintenance of heat within a home through conduction and convection.


    1. Conductive energy escapes through cold areas of a home. Thicker insulation in the walls and attics help eliminate the transfer of energy from the indoors to the outdoors through conduction (Higher R-Value/Thickness of insulation).


    1. Convective energy occurs through Air Leakage in a home. The three processes of convection between the home and the outdoors are Wind, the difference in Temperature Pressure (between the inside and outside of the home or building), and Air Moving Devices (furnace and exhaust fans).These three processes create opportunities for air leakage in poorly sealed home or building.


Multifamily Insulation

Multifamily Insulation

Fiberglass Batt

with Air Leakage

Cellulose Dense Packed

around Fiberglass Batt

minimizes Air Leakage


Multifamily Insulation



Dense Packed



 (Minimal Air Leakage)

Standard R-11 Fiberglass

Dense Packed with Cellulose


(Minimal Air Leakage)

Standard R-11 Fiberglass



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    1. Radiation can be felt when sitting in direct sunlight through the transfer of energy through the air.Most homes in our climate do not have a significant amount of radiant heat.

Our company helps by insulating existing homes to reduce or eliminate air leakage from the home. Our expert installers install insulation correctly to reduce the need for heat and energy use of furnace and air conditioners. 40 percent of the energy emissions we use are from buildings. NREL, Transforming Energy.Insulation installed correctly can bring your home into green standards or better yet energy star rating (15 percent greater than green standards).By insulating your home you can significantly reduce the emissions of CO2 in the air by reducing the usage of power that is inevitably used from coal burning power plants.

Cellulose requires less energy to produce compared to various alternate materials of insulation. Colorado is an innovator in the energy business. Through current practices even new homes built do not maximize the potential that insulation could bring them due to convective energy loss (usually unless the home or building is green built or energy star cert). Help bring your home to green standards for the wellness of your home and environment.

Air Infiltration

Multifamily Insulation Insulate the building envelope of your house.

Air LeakageAir leakage of un-insulated homes.

Resistance to (conductive direct heat transfer I.E. a pot on the stove) heat transfer.

There may be a new insulation rating system to account for convection compared to the contested r-value (conduction) rating system!!!

Air Leakage:Air that leaks from the home especially from wind and temperature pressure difference between inside and outside of home.