Energy Audits


What Your Energy Audit Entails:


Your energy audit will consist of 3 basic parts:


1) Blower door, infrared, visual assessment.


Our blower door with infrared assessment helps tell where conduction and where leakage happens within wall or ceiling cavities and other leakage spots throughout the home.

We put a large number of photos in our audits to help you locate the issue areas.

Also, we conduct a model number search to judge your refrigerator and select appliances for energy efficiency.


2) CAZ safety test.


The combustion appliance zone test is essential for ensuring safety issues do not become present, are made of aware of & mitigated. Tests the combustion devices for air issues including:

A) Spillage

B) Draft

C) CO in flue (& ambient CO)

The pressure to the outdoors will be measured to help ensure the correct pressure is present between the areas housing the furnace and hot water heater and the outside or the rest of the home.

CAZ tests are required for all insulation and air sealing rebates from Denver's major utility. A small hole is required in all single wall metal exhaust flues only. Charge for a test if decided later will be $75


3) Utility Bill Assessment


See bottom of page for directions on how to download bills. Utility bills are highly suggested to have


4) Other tests:


Our audits may include other tests*** made on request including:

External Static Pressure, Room Pressure, Temperature Rise.


***Additional charges may apply depending on time constraints.


Please be sure to tell our auditor of your concerns including: Comfort; Building concerns such as moisture, radon, noise, frozen pipes, etc; Energy Savings,


Other additional tests that are highly recommended include a post radon test.

Obtaining your Utility Bills:


highly recommended to get accurate recommendations!

Must have (Computer, Internet, Browser, Flash, Xcel/Calc/ or CSV Viewer, Printer or Email)

To obtain your bills, visit

Choose your login account name and password or sign up for a new account.

After logging in, a blue arrow will point to the drop down menu that is masked by the utility account number. Hit utility bar menu, scroll down and click on a small black arrow. Select the property address of the house having an energy assessment performed. Be patient because screen may take time to populate.

Next select view 6 months of utility bills scroll botton and change scroll to 24 for months. Make sure to hit OK. If not, only 6 to 12 months will be printed. Now hit the graph on the far right above the diagram in the center of the page.

Scroll down with the outside scroll bar until you see a botton on the left hand side of the page saying Download CSV. Hit button. A viewer should open with the downloaded data file. Hit File>Print.

After document printed return to webpage and locate graph that is currently visible. Hit button that says electricity and change drop down and select gas. Select Download CSV.

*Note if another document is present that is not CSV, then data will be incorrect. Some document programs may open CSV after downloaded such as Excel from Microsoft.


Print using same method as stated earlier.


You may contact the utility at: 1-800-895-4999

Please Call:


303-469-0808 for quickest response, for general questions or


720-363-0288 for detailed questions or questions about your


See list of comprehensive energy audit services and prices here.