Brick Walls

We offer 2 options for exterior brick drilled homes

  1. Big Holes ~ One 1� hole is drilled towards the top of each empty wall cavity through the exterior brick. This hole is about the size of a quarter. This is our Most Effective method for more insulation per square inch.
  2. Small Holes ~ We drill two smaller holes through the exterior brick. One hole is located towards the top and one towards the middle or bottom of each empty cavity. This hole is about the size of a dime. Method allows greater curb appeal for the house.


Tip: Interior drilling of walls may help increase effectiveness of soundproofing.

Some customers prefer the method of insulating on the interior side of exterior walls .

Small Holes

Brick Walls

Completed job from viewed from curb.

Brick Walls

Small Holes before patched.



Brick Walls

Patched small holes

Brick Walls

Patched small holes

Small Holes (Top row, usually two holes per cavity required to get a solid pack)

Large Holes

Large Holes (best method for the most insulation in your home).

Drilled mortar joints are filled in with in to match the exterior of the home. Each home may take up to 1 year for colors to match.

Other Services

Weeping (extruding) mortar joints can be drilled and patched.

Color Mortar can be matched using mortar coloring.

Double Brick Homes


We do not drill and fill Cinder block or Double Brick walls.

However, adding straw bails, Larson Truss or an exterior insulating foam system offered by specialty companies may be an effective option to turn your home into an efficient passive solar home.

Customer Preparation for Walls:

  • Take off pictures and breakables from exterior walls.
  • Inform crews of any open interior wall holes including utility rooms and behind cabinets.
  • Provide access to breaker box.
  • Provide 3 electrical boxes on separate circuits.
  • Possibly provide access to driveway.
  • Have trees, junipers and rosebushes trimmed away from house to give crews room to insulate if possible.
  • Notify crews if any interior walls are made of paneling.