We offer air sealing as a standard service.

There are certain areas of the attic and crawlspace where insulation alone may not be able to stop air from leaking into and out of your home. Take a look at some sites where air leakage may be lessened with air sealing.

See where air leaks in your home.

Air Sealing in the Attic Area.

Air SealingLoose Fill Insulation

Large holes leak air in the same fashion that large rivers move a large amount of water.

Loose Fill Insulation

kitchen range hood & dropped soffit

Range Hood Air Sealing

Air Sealing should be performed prior to reinsulating.

Air sealing can be cost effective.

Loose Fill Insulation

Fireplace Leak

Loose Fill Insulation

Learn more about our the Non-Toxic EnergyComplete Air Sealing Foam product that we cary.

Ask about our Bronze, Silver, & Gold Package.

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See the Avenson article about a study house that we performed air sealing on.

Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) safety tests should be conducted for Air Sealing measures.

Learn more about the Home Performance Assessment
through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

Warning: Through our experience, it is difficult to reach target goals for utility Home Performance with Energy Star program by doing air sealing yourself. Homes should have atleast a minimum starting NACH of 0.50 or greater to have a good probability of success. Of those homes: air sealing of crawlspaces and extensive air sealing of the attic should be done. Insulating attic and walls should also be done to help reach this goal in our oppion. (Remember to follow the IRC 2006 Code+ & moisture safety practices).

NACH = Natural Air Changes Per Hour (The percentage of air that leaves your home every hour).

See a guide to learn how to Air Seal to help save you money.